Unusual tradition in Scottish town sees bananas ‘banned’ for one day

A bunch of bananas pose in this file photo. Source: Facebook
A bunch of bananas pose in this file photo. Source: Facebook

Banana fans at a Scottish seaside town will have to wait a whole day before their favorite yellow fruit is permitted to be eaten again, in honor of a strange superstition during the annual boat festival.

Located in Aberdeenshire, the town of Portsoy has played host to the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival each year since 1994, with the event generating an estimated GBP4 mn for the local economy. So it’s no surprise then that town officials are taking no chances when it comes to the old sailor’s tradition, with the most bizarre being the complete ban on bananas during the event.

Signs have been posted around the local area declaring a banana-free zone, while the local ice-cream shop has even pulled their banana-flavored offerings during the festival. There’s no word though on what the monkeys at the local zoo will be fed on the day of the event.

It’s unclear exactly what the sailors of yesteryear have against the banana, but many theories exist.

One such example is that in the early days of the banana industry, boats were often overloaded with the tropical fruit to fetch a big payday when they returned to their European ports, but this inevitably led to a spate of capsizing vessels.